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Dr Gaulthier Tshibindi is the Founding CEO of AMAA.

AMAA was established by a group of medical professionals from African and Australian backgrounds with an aim to provide recycled
medical equipment to needy hospitals in Africa.

Australia is an affluent country with excellent medical facilities and staff and education institutions with governance infrastructures that have all played their part in building and sustaining those facilities and staff professionalism. Africa, on the other hand, has seen more than its fair share of turmoil and many African countries have not had stable, conflict free backgrounds whereby this infrastructure can be built let alone sustained without external assistance. AMAA will contribute external assistance to African medical facilities and hospitals and invites you to join with AMAA in providing this assistance.

What's new?

  • A 40F container

    A 40F container of medical equipment sent to the Democratic republic of Congo

  • Hopital de Kintambo

    As an example of the type of facility that AMAA may assist please visit the following links:

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